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What Is in Your Vents?

We all know how important is protection from outdoor air pollution. People are just starting to be aware that they can get sick from indoor air pollution and how dangerous can be to their health all the dust, dirt, bacteria and pollen.

Microorganisms in your vents can make you seriously sick. If you notice any of the symptoms commonly associated with these kinds of indoor pollutants, you should speak with your health care provider immediately. Symptoms associated with microorganisms living in your vents include red and dry eyes, upper respiratory issues like asthma and headache, flu-like symptoms, fatigue, and skin rashes and other serious reactions.

Protect Your Health of your Family

You can help your family avoid illness and this symptoms by having the vents in your home inspected every year. Your service provider will help you to determine if a complete cleaning of your system is necessary. Usually that depends on the area where your home is located as it is closely connected with outdoor air and the activities taking place in your home and close neighborhood.

When is the right time to clean your vents?

Dust on your furniture is something that you regularly clean, imagine not cleaning that dust for entire year. It is recommended to clean your ducts every year.

Most likely you will need to clean your ventilation system after any major construction taking place in your home, also If your neighbor is having major construction project, consider that there was dust coming in to your vents as well. Do you live in the city or in nature? Is someone smoking in your home? Do you have animals? These are all the factors that impact the time frame in which you should be repeating process of cleaning your ventilation system.

Other Benefits of Cleaning Your HVAC System

A clean HVAC system has many benefits besides improving your family's health. A clean duct Clean Ventilation system will reduce heating and cooling costs by reducing your energy bill and improving your system efficiency.

Air Duct Cleaning will also help get rid of unpleasant smell in your home, Green Line is using Sanitation and Odor Kill products that are organic and approved by EPA.

Homeowners in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Hampshire who are thinking of cleaning their vents can contact Green Line Support Center for free consultations 617-502-0069. Green Line offers a deep clean process which is 100% guaranteed to remove harmful dust and debris from your vents using newest technology with 4 stage HEPA filtration system and Organic and EPA approved Sanitation products. We can provide service 7 days a week, visit where you can also schedule your appointment on our online booking platform.

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