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Bringing the positive energy to your home by decluttering and cleaning the space is very important aspect of your life. Home is your personal space where you should enjoy spending your time. Does your home brings you peace, relaxation and joy?

Energy at the space where you live will affect your feelings and mood. If you do not feel pleasure when you are home there are simple things that can be changed and turn your home into space where you will feel the pleasure and where you will noticeably breathe positive air.

There are some simple ways to update your living space with positive energy that will help you and your family get more prosperity from life.

1.Declutter your living space. Cluttered space will bring you additional stress, which will decrease your focus on more important things in life. Get rid of things that you do not need or you didn't use during past year. You will also create some space for new things that will come to your life. If you find hard to get rid of some physical items maybe consider donating them, or give them to a friend.

2. After you get rid of the clutter, put all other things in their space and sweep your floors to get rid of remaining dust

3. Go Green and add some flowers and plants throughout your home. Being in nature is better for your well-being, add some nature to your indoor space to increase flow of positive energy. Flowers and plants are instant mood boosters.

4. Make sure your ventilation system is clean in case you have central heating and air conditioning system. Those vents can accumulate a lot of dust and dirt over time. This is where your indoor air is circulating. Making sure your air is clean isn't just important for your health , but also for the energy that is floating around your home. Air that is coming out from your dirty vents will bring to your living space peaces and particles of dirt and dust, and possibly different bacteria. This can have big impact on positive energy flow within your home . If you need help cleaning your ventilation system Green Line Professionals can help you.

5. Let some Natural Light in and use color psychology to improve the energy. Researches had shown that colors can have impact on your mood and behavior. Add some happy, friendly colors with vibrant shades of gray, green, blue yellow and orange.

Enjoy positive energy at your home by keeping things mentioned in mind. You will feel positive energy increasing in your home. This will definitely have positive impact on prosperity in your life.

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