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How to Remove Smell From My Vents?

As heating season is starting, many of us will be surprised with a bad smell coming out of the ventilation system. That first day can be frightening if there is something that smell like rotten eggs or dead animals. We all think our homes are protected from invasion of small animals, but often they find their way to the walls and heating systems. Also small children or pets can insert small objects into the floor vents. In the worst case you could have a cat that urinated in the vents, that odor will make you wanna move out of your home. But do not panic, there is always a solution. Consider discovering the cause on your own or call Air Duct Cleaning Company as they deal with that every day.

Try tracking down this odor, it won't be an easy task but here are some useful tricks that can help. Identify the vent (or vents) from which the odor is coming. Remove the cover and examine. Remove any debris and use vinegar or lemon juice to swab out the metal surfaces with a string mop head

Go into the crawl space or to the basement and identify the duct that feeds that vent or runs along that side of the house. Inspect the duct for breaks. Small animals can squeeze in to find shelter, end up in the air exchange system and die there. Look for cracks in the floor or foundation. If you do find something suspicious it is best to call your Air Duct Cleaning Company. Also ask them to check your furnace, mention the odor and ask your technician to inspect the fillers carefully. There is new technology used by Air Duct Cleaning companies where they use cameras attached to the long hose so they go into the ventilation system with the camera that is controlled remotely. This might be the best way to discover the cause of the bad smell coming from your ventilation system.

You should be cleaning your ventilation system once a year, if you are ready for our annual cleaning call Green Line Air Duct before you turn of your heat this Fall. Make sure to have all dust and dirt removed, using the newest technology equipment with 4 Stage HEPA filtration, after the cleaning all your vents will be sanitized with special machines, and odor kill will be applied to eliminate any existing odor. Visit or call 617-502-0069 for free consultations.

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