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Fresh and Healthy start in New Year

Many of us will use the opportunity to make a fresh start or bring some improvements to their life with beginning of New Year. Many of us will make a wish list, to do list, or some type of plan on how to improve their life or every day habits in upcoming year. For some people it means to start exercising or eating healthy. Here are some suggestions if you are not sure what exactly to do to make a fresh start. There is a couple more days left, so let's get to work and prepare for the New Year and new decade.

Here are the 3 most important things to get a fresh start if you choose to live more fully and healthily all year long:

1. A really good deep clean of your home (sweeping, mopping, scrubbing) is such a good way to start the year. Make sure your living space is all cleaned up for a fresh start.Very important, clean your fridge, get read of unhealthy or some old food that is just sitting there, if one of your New Year decisions was to start eating healthy. Consider cleaning your ventilation system if you have the HVAC at your home. No matter how old you are or how old is your home, you should consider getting all that dust and dirt accumulated over time in your vents cleaned. This is something that you probably can’t do by yourself, but you can call professionals, it doesn't have to be expensive as you can get over 50% off during the holiday season. Click this link to find out more about Air Duct Cleaning Services in your area.

2.Organizing - Especially after receiving all Christmas gifts you should consider organizing your living space, check on the items you haven't used all year long and consider donating it, the Holiday Season is the best time for giving gifts. By donating your old and useless stuff you might make someone happy, and good positive energy will be drawn back to you. You will get read of the items and at the same time do a good thing for someone. Organize your wardrobe, you can donate items that no longer fit, or remind you of some unpleasant times of your life (They say that clothes are carrying the energy also). Once you do this you can actually treat yourself with new peace for your new/fresh start. Check what is in your attic or basement are there any unwanted items? Organize your bathroom cabinets, get read of all the stuff that seems to be empty and old.

3.Care about yourself- It’s hard to focus on taking care of yourself when it feels like you’ve got a million things going on. It can happen that you started avoiding things that you should be doing for yourself like doing your hair, or going for a run. Start a New Fresh Year by filling your fridge with fresh fruit and veggies and start taking care of your body. Start Exercising,or at least add some long walks to your daily schedule. Make your wish list, type it on the computer, you can add some pictures that represent your wish, then print it out and tape it on some hidden place but where you will see it once in a while( best place is behind your clothes) next years you will definitely be able to cross those things off your list if you stick with the plan.

We would like to wish you happy holidays and successful New Year.

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